the last hope | A story of perseverance, hope and inspiration
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The Last Hope feature length documentary follows Italian NGO Emergency across the world on their mission to provide free medical assistance to the victims of war. For many people who have lost their homes, lives, family and friends to war, Emergency is their last hope.

The decision to make a difference

The Last Hope explores the meaning of the victims of war through the voices of the men and women of Emergency’s committed staff. A passionate group of individuals, doctors, nurses, surgeons and logisticians have dedicated their lives to help the millions of innocent families suffering the devastating repercussions of war, we discover the positive impact achieved from their individual experiences through the remarkable power of choice to opt in and make a difference, one person at a time.

Who are the victims of war?

The cost of war on innocent people runs deep, from immediate death, dismemberment and injury, through to dire situations in which families suffer escaping impending danger, kidnapping and death. With no home, no hope and no options left, every day people are driven to extraordinary extremes risking life and limb to give their children an opportunity for a better future. At every step of the way Emergency  provide high quality health care where circumstances have put even the simplest of services out of reach.


The brutality of war in Afghanistan has sadly scarred its population for many decades. Innocent men, women and children are suffering horrific injuries through land mines, bombs and getting caught in the cross fire every day. In 2015 alone there were 11,000 civilians dead or wounded predominantly at the hands of the Taliban.


Iraq has been devastated by war. Currently every day in Iraq innocent people are being displaced from their homes and cities as a result of horrific and brutal murders at the hands of ISIS, leaving many with no choice but to relocate to an IDP Camp. Millions of civilians have been displaced as a direct result of war.


This year alone over 3,000 people have died crossing the Mediterranean in search of safety and the opportunity for a better future. Fully aware of the extreme danger, at a cost of up to $1,000 per person to human traffickers for a place on a boat, the pain of the devastation of war drives up to 50,000 victims of war a month to make the journey, escaping the searing pain of loss, heartache and a life devoid of hope.

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    Emergency Care Onboard
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    The Team in Italy
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    Rescuing Migrants
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    Rescuing Children
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    Saved at Sea
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    Life in an IDP Camp
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    The Children of War
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    A Second Chance in Life
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    Inside the Clinic
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    Living in War
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    City of the Forgotten People

Take a look our gallery including photography from the filming of The Last Hope film

The reality of war on civilian lives

Through the words of the men and women of Emergency, we explore the reality of war through their work with civilian victims across the world. What does it mean to be a victim of war? What is the true impact on innocent men, women and children? What do the affects of war have people and where does it leave them?

The Last Hope gives a unique insight into the lives of those who care for the victims of war, covering moments of pain, the simplicity of a child in need of primary healthcare to the brutality of a land mine victim and their journey through recovery to the opportunity to a second chance in life. Genuine care from ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances to everyday people in extenuating circumstances.

Child refugees unaccompanied by an adult crossing the Mediterranean0
Percentage of child IDPs in Ashti Camp0
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Percentage of child IDPs enrolled in school at Ashti Camp0

Taliban related civilian deaths & injuries this year in Afghanistan


Number of displaced civilians in Iraq due to conflict with ISIS


Number of people Emergency has treated in Iraq since 1995


Number of people Emergency has treated in Afghanistan since 1999

The Last Hope feature length documentary

The Last Hope feature length documentary is currently in production, following the dedicated team members of Italian NGO Emergency. Currently, principle shooting has taken place in Iraq, currently suffering atrocities and mass displacement at the hands of ISIS. Our next shoot will be on board the humanitarian rescue vessel ‘Responder’ in an area of the Mediterranean known as The Dead Zone, a region off the coast of Libya where over 3,000 refugees have died this year so far on smugglers boats. 9 out of 10 children on board are unaccompanied by an adult. Emergency have a medical team on board helping save the lives of refugees who may otherwise die at sea in the search for the opportunity of a better life. The Last Hope is due for completion and release in 2017. Keep updated on the progress of the film as the story unfolds by signing up to our mail list below.