the last hope | Dramatic shoot off the coast of Libya
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Dramatic shoot off the coast of Libya

The feature length documentary The Last Hope wrapped up a successful second shoot in Sicily and off the coast of Libya this week. Graeme Alistair Scott was on location with multiple Oscar and Emmy winning Cinematographer Buddy Squires along with award winning sound man David Hocs.

The team followed the committed staff of Italian NGO Emergency on board MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) search and rescue ship Topaz Responder in the Mediterranean, travelling to the Dead Zone, an area 12 miles off the coast of Libya, where migrants and refugees from war torn countries in the Middle East and Africa are being smuggled in unseaworthy wooden boats and large rubber dingis to Europe in the hope of a better future.

During an emotional, heartbreaking, yet ultimately inspiring shoot the team filmed the doctors, nurses and logisticians of Emergency, hearing their experiences dealing with the migrant crisis. We discovered stories and events that define humanity with a backdrop of incredible situations that not only offer hope, but deliver on the commitment by Emergency to save lives and provide the human right to high quality healthcare, focussing on those that need it most, the victims of war and poverty.

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