the last hope | Emergency in Kabul
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Emergency in Kabul

Following the catastrophic attack in Kabul’s diplomatic ‘green-zone’ which left over 150 dead and 413 injured, The Last Hope team traveled to Afghanistan to document the response by Emergency’s surgical centre, located in the heart of Kabul. Will full access granted, the crew were able to capture the chaos and confusion during the aftermath of one of the biggest mass-casualties this hospital has ever seen. Riots and further violence ensued, but despite their fatigue, the Emergency staff continued to provide care for all those who needed it.

Academy Award winning director and cinematographer, Buddy Squires, once again teamed up Dover Street Entertainment to provide a vision that would represent the extreme lifestyle of those working for Emergency, allowing their bravery and determination to shine through.

By spending 3 days in the hospital, The Last Hope team were able to get a unique and profound insight into the inner workings of this organisation, and the day to day lives of those individuals who have made that choice to give up normality and make a difference. By conducting in-depth interviews with the Emergency staff, we can begin to understand the power of their strong humanitarian beliefs and the morals that they live by as they continue to strive for a better world.

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