the last hope | Team
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Academy Award Winning Team

Bringing to life the story of The Last Hope (The Film) in a feature length documentary is Karen Goodman, a four time Academy Award nominated director and winner of Best Documentary 2011, along with four Emmy nominations with two wins, alongside Buddy Squires an Oscar nominated filmmaker and Emmy Award winning cinematographer, his credits include two Academy Award-winning films, 7 Academy Award nominated productions, 10 Emmy Award winning films, and 28 Emmy nominated productions. Buddy has received 12 Emmy nominations including one win.

A different approach to story telling

The Last Hope feature length documentary from Executive Producers Graeme Alistair Scott and Kathy A LoPrimo is due for completion and release in 2018. Sharing a passion for story telling, The Last Hope will offer the audience a unique perspective of what war means on an everyday basis through the voices of those who spend each and every day caring for those affected, the good men and women of Emergency. We cover those working on the frontline, those dealing with the repercussions and those saving lives of the desperate driven to extreme dangers in search of safety and hope.

Executive Producer / Director

Graeme Alistair Scott

Graeme produced and directed his first documentary in the arctic circle by 21. Alongside the music and television work, Graeme set up a design and technology company which went on to work as a think tank for Steve Jobs at Apple in the late 90’s, as well as working with clients including BMW Mini, Warner Brothers, Universal, Home Depot, American Pie, Austin Powers, Girls Aloud and Microsoft. Moving back to his passion for music, Graeme took on Sam Smith as a new young artist, developing his image and sound. Working alongside some of the top writers and producers behind the likes of Queen, Jessie J and JLS. Graeme signed Sam Smith’s ‘Ecstasy’ as the title track to Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy Movie, then co-wrote and recorded the track Little Sailor which won Sam his recording contract. After Sam, Graeme teamed up with Kathy A LoPrimo, setting up Dover Street Entertainment to develop TV and film projects.

Executive Producer

Kathy A LoPrimo

Born and raised in New York City, London based Kathy A LoPrimo started her career working with one of the world’s leading luxury brands. Her focus was in ‘special projects’, where she worked on one off briefs to deliver bespoke luxury items, often for high profile events and clients. This work would serve her well in the future as a producer, both pulling off one of a kind projects and developing high profile connections across the world. After being based in the UK for nearly a decade, Kathy moved focus to her passion of writing which led to her teaming up with a former Columbia Tristar executive to develop a concept for a television series. She has been instrumental in bringing together internationally recognised talent to Dover Street, enabling the company to assemble Emmy and Academy Award winning directors and cinematographers for a number of projects, including The Last Hope documentary feature.

Co-Director / Cinematographer

Buddy Squires

Director of photography Buddy Squires, ASC has seven Oscar-nominated films, two Academy Award winners, 28 Emmy-nominated productions and 10 Emmy Award winners in his impressive body of work of over 200 documentaries. Theatrical documentaries and TV specials include Salinger, The Central Park Five, The Civil War, Jazz, Scottsboro: An American Tragedy, The National Parks and more. Squires has earned some 80 documentary cinematography credits since the Oscar-nominated Brooklyn Bridge in 1981—the first of his 20 co-ventures with Ken Burns. His peers have nominated Squires for eight Emmy Awards for cinematography. He shared top honors with several other cinematographers in 1998 for the National Geographic Television special America’s Endangered Species: Don’t Say Good-Bye. Director Robert Kenner and executive producer Nicolas Noxon won an IDA Award for that film.


Rex Glensy

Rex is an experienced entertainment industry professional and producer who is currently involved in the production of various film and television projects. He was previously part of the production team that made the movie The Sessions, starring Helen Hunt and William H. Macy, for which Ms. Hunt was nominated for an Oscar, and which won the audience award at the Sundance Film Festival. Rex has a background as an entertainment lawyer, where he has represented prominent entertainers and production companies in the industry in both their transactional and litigation needs.

Story Editor

Kenneth Carter

Kenneth has several years of active involvement on the production side of the entertainment industry. As a producer of its largest live events, such as the “Oscars” and the “Grammy’s,” Kenneth brought a hands on approach to the running of shows that has stayed with him as his career has progressed. In recent years, Kenneth has expanded his reach to create content for TV and movies with a variety of projects in the reality, comedic and dramatic spaces. As a highly-valued content provider, Kenneth has professional ties to TV media outlets both in the US and in the UK.

Production Supervisor

Grant Jolly

Grant Jolly has seven years of film making experience and a background in film production as a Chapman University Alumni. He started his professional career in feature documentaries, working as a producer and writer on films such as Champs (2015), and How To Make Money Selling Drugs (2012). He has since moved into the narrative space of television, with an influx of content in the dramatic and comedic genres. Grant is a true story craftsman and a particularly gifted writer. His work blends a visceral sense of realism using elements of true stories and research to ground viewers into fictional entertainment.

Associate Producer

William Randall-Coath

William’s first project of note was the short film FIFTH TIME LUCKY, which was exhibited at the 64th Cannes Film Festival, won the award for Best International Short at the 2011 Salento International Film Festival and placed as runner up in the 2011 Action On Film Festival in Pasadena.


Karen Goodman

Karen Goodman has made over twenty documentaries and won an Academy Award, Best Documentary 2011 for Strangers No More and recently her second Emmy for Outstanding Childrens TV Program. Her films have garnered four Oscar nominations & several Emmys

Associate Producer

Liz Hartford

Former Commissioning Editor of Channel 4, Liz Hartford is an award winning producer with a repertoire of TV movies and documentaries to her name, ranging from ‘Russell Brand from Addiction to Recovery’ to the BBCs ‘New Hidden Killers’. Recently nominated for an International Emmy for Best Arts Programming.