the last hope | The Last Hope features in ARRI’s 100th Anniversary film
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The Last Hope features in ARRI’s 100th Anniversary film

The Filmmaker’s View

Capturing documentaries

Buddy Squires ASC, DP

The Last Hope Co-Director and Cinematographer Buddy Squires was recently interviewed by ARRI as part of their Filmmakers View Series celebrating 100 years of ARRI.

“My work is about conveying truths that become obvious to my eye on location, making these revelations palpable and tactile for an audience – that is what cinematography allows me to do. Moving images of the world we inhabit have an incredible ability to reach across cultural boundaries, connecting our common humanity. Still, there are times I wish I was a writer and only had to have a pen and a pad with me, instead of carrying all this gear around.”

Click here to watch Buddy Squires interview with ARRI for their 100 anniversary in film.

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